We believe that two minds are better than one, no matter how different.

We believe that two minds are better than one, no matter how different.

Embracing Agile and implementing Agile practices and approaches can be a challenge. Even when it is going well, there is a continuous desire to find new ways to be more Agile. As Agile Coaches with hands on Scrum Master experience in a variety of organisations, we can help you in your journey.

We use a Pair Coaching model which has proven to be an effective and richer form of coaching for teams, middle management, and leadership; two minds being better than one.

Whether it’s getting the best out of Scrum, kanban or XP; exploring an appropriate scaling approach; or supporting the growth and development of Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Business Analysts & Development teams; we offer on the job coaching, mentoring, facilitation and/or training.

You can engage us as a pair of coaches to service your organisation/team’s needs on full or part time basis for short or long term assignments.

View our Agile coaching services page for more information.

Here are just some example areas we can support you with, including common pain points:

Team level:

  • Team not engaging with Scrum/kanban.
  • Reduced interactions/interest in all scrum ceremonies – low team morale, lack of purpose, low engagement etc.
  • Fresh perspective is lacking – no new ideas to solve ongoing impediments.
  • Inter-team conflict where resolution is required.
  • Struggling to use Agile development in a waterfall business environment.
  • User stories and Not getting user stories to ‘done’.
  • Multiple teams struggling to work from a single backlog due to dependencies etc.

Role based:

  • Little to no understanding of Scrum, kanban, Agile, scaling etc.
  • Roles don’t seem to know how to play their part in Scrum (Product Owners, Business Analysts, Scrum Masters etc) – even if they’ve been trained, they are finding it hard to sometimes apply that knowledge in their environment.
  • Struggling with backlog creation/management – User stories and PO lacking in techniques to express and manage business needs.
  • Specific techniques used by the different roles, including user story mapping, meeting facilitation techniques etc.

Organisation level:

  • Middle management struggling to find their place in an Agile environment.
  • Poor business engagement with Agile.
  • Lack of understanding on how to take/apply an Agile approach to your particular project.
  • No sense of what the agile journey looks like at the organisation level – where are we now? What are our options? What could we aim for next?

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