Coaching Services

We encourage you to take a look at our coaching services on offer and contact us for an informal chat.


If you’re new to a role, whether it’s Scrum Master, Product Owner or any other with a goal of improving business and team effectiveness then you may benefit from mentorship.  Having a regular opportunity to discuss challenges or your own ideas, can help build confidence and provide clarity on your approach, and help get the best out of every opportunity to learn.

We would recommend 45 min to 1 hour sessions but the choice is yours as to duration and frequency.  You may wish to try a one-off session and that’s fine too – there’s no obligation.

We’ll even take into account your situation when setting the price, meaning discounts are available for those needing some help to get their careers back in touch!  Get in touch and let’s discuss what you need.

Pair Coaching

Pairing is well documented for its results in generating higher quality outcomes that are more aligned to what is required. We are big advocates of pairing and hence are now offering it as a service. We believe we can provide an enhanced and enriched coaching service to your organisation by the combination of our very differing perspectives and skill sets with 10+ years of experience. Here are some reasons you may want to opt for our Pair coaching service.

  • You get the best of both worlds; 2 coaches who have been exposed to very different scenarios, teams, environments and  cultures.
  • A combination of mindsets and approaches; technical and behavioural, offering a more holistic service.
  • The power of an observed facilitator getting real time feedback – we don’t wait to see how we could do something better next time – we’ll do it there and then so that you get immediate benefit.
  • We act like a complete brain! Our differences provide balance to any given situation.
  • 360 vision, with one noticing what the other is not in a position to see, providing critical data and enabling a service tailored to an individual, team, or management in any given moment.
  • We co-create – you get better ideas as two minds are better than one.

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If you’d like to discuss this in more depth, please contact us and we can arrange a phone call to talk more.

Team Coaching

Whether it’s working with a new team to introduce Agile principles and mindset, or refreshing an existing team with some new Agile thinking and ideas, coaching teams is our bread and butter.  We believe we can offer more as a pair of coaches but each of us can provide services to the team as individuals – whether it’s filling the role of Scrum Master or consulting on specific team related issues – we can provide experience and knowledge from a wide variety of previous environments helping us identify specific actions to help address the challenge. We understand teams.

Role Based Coaching Services

This is ideal for your organisation if you have one or more Scrum Masters, Business Analysts, Product Owners, Project Managers who are new to their role or agile, and could benefit from some coaching and practical guidance to progress in the role.  We can provide mentoring and coaching services on site, or remotely, at your convenience.

Agile Journey Assessment

Let us help you understand where you are in your agile transformation and what improvement options and opportunities may be open to you. We will identify key areas that you may want to address in the short, medium, and long term. The assessment may include areas you choose such as technical maturity, culture, leadership, program/project level, team level, and or roles.

If you want to discuss any of the above services or have something else you’d like us to help with, please get in touch.