About Us

Our thinking and core values are firmly based in the Agile Principles and Manifesto and our definition of Agile Coaching is based on the Agile Coaching Framework as defined by the Agile Coaching Institute.

As Agile Coaches we have a set of complimentary roles including:

  • Agile Lean Practitioner
  • Teacher
  • Mentor
  • Coach
  • Facilitator

Frameworks and methods we can help with

  • Scrum
  • Kanban
  • XP
  • Lean
  • Nexus (Scaled Professional Scrum)

Note: Regardless of approach or framework, a key part of how we work is to help nurture an agile mindset.

A bit about us

Kelvin (as described by Manjit) – a technically minded scrum master and Agile coach that can bring some of the toughest critics into a healthy conversation about Agile. Reassuring in his approach, and capable of helping anyone understand agile and framework/method theory and implementation effortlessly; having that unique ability to switch in and out of guiding, mentoring, and coaching as and when needed. To top it off, he has that unusual ability to see everything you can’t see, but you wish you could see. In hindsight it’s obvious, but few manage it like Kelvin does.

Manjit (as described by Kelvin) – a thoughtful and reflective coach with a immense sense of justice and the desire to nurture team members and enable them to reach their full potential. Unfettered by technical considerations, Manjit is free to identify with the team and encourage a sense of self-belief in all, to the point that many are surprised by what they can achieve.