Scrum Shadow FAQ

Here’s some questions people have asked…

How much does it cost?

Scrum Shadow is a free service to try and match up people looking for their first experience as a Scrum Master with organisations forward-thinking enough to offer suitable opportunities. We will match based on location and availability, we provide no interview or filtering service and it is up to each party to make sure the match is suitable for them. Obviously, as this is a free service we are trying to keep our costs to a minimum – we are giving our time for free as a service as we believe in helping others in the Agile community.

Can you guarantee the quality of the shadowing opportunity?

See above. As a free service we are providing ‘match making’ only. If we put you in touch with a potential host then it’s your responsibility to make sure that the details of the opportunity are right for you. As a Shadow we expect you to act professionally and treat your host with the respect they deserve.